Short Documentaries

An Anatomy of an Injustice: Michael O’Brien’s story.

Anatomy of an Injustice was made in just two days: One day of filming, one of editing. We met Michael at a screening of Injustice in Cardiff, and he told me his story over a cigarette.

Not long after this encounter, a mutual friend took him on a surprise visit to Shepton Mallet Prison and invited me to surprise him by making a film of his story, the story of what happens when an innocent man goes to prison… Here it is.

A prison song, by Emma Hetherington.

We met Emma Hetherington at a screening of Injustice in Bath Spa University, after which she arranged a screening with her local Church group. Then a criminology student with a passion and compassion for prisoners, she offered to make a song for a potential follow up to Injustice. The song then turned into a music video for Injustice itself, using a good deal of unseen footage.

Lila: Big Fat Ugly Giant.

When I was talking to my friend Terryl about potentially making a film about the media, she told me a story her granddaughter had recounted about gender among children. Lila was upstairs playing and we immediately asked her parents if we could film her story.

Lila breaks all the assumptions about how children see their gender. This little film set the ball rolling for The Fourth Estate, which uses other extract from it.