Secret City (UK, 2011)

A film about the City of London, the Corporation that runs it, and its role in the economic crisis

A powerful, fascinating and terrifying documentary: Watch it – David Ollerton, The London Film Review

Secret City was the catalyst that led to the formation by Sambiki Saru. Secret City, the documentary about the City of London was conceived of and written by Lee Salter. This experience led him to make The Fourth Estate, a documentary about the British media, and Injustice, the prison documentary, forming the production unit, Sambiki Saru.

Exposing the City of London

London is not a city, for it contains both the City of London and the City of Westminster, alongside more than a dozen boroughs. The London we know is a metropolis that in its broader reaches contains more than 10 million people. The City, London’s financial heart, hosts only 7,000 residents but more than 20,000 business and is run by a Corporation.

Older than Parliament, the Corporation has played a key role in protecting and promoting the interests of banks and finance for more than 500 years.

Secret City investigates the Corporation of London’s power over British politics and economic policy It shows how it uses that power to sustain London’s position as a hub of global finance. We find how it influencese politics and thereby facilitates most of the world’s tax havens..

The documentary exposes the Corporation’s constitution and ancient laws that position it as a state within a state. Secret City shows how its interests come to be the aligned to the illusory interests of all.

Telling the Story of the City of London

Secret City tells the story of the City of London from the view of the people of London. It includes academics, politicians, business, activists, and the Church.

The cast of Secret City includes Reverends. William Taylor (Stamford Hill) and Alan Green (Bethnal Green), Lord Glasman, John McDonnell MP, the leader of the Green party, Natalie Bennett, Malcolm Matson, Professors Doreen Massey, Robin Blackburn, Steven Haseler and Clive Bloom and of course the activists driving the movement to open it to public debate.

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